How to stay in - manage
an EU company from the UK

Whether you are a start-up, established business or freelancer, Estonian e-Residency can help you do business in the EU while living in the UK.

What is e-Residency?

The Republic of Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency—a transnational digital identity available to
anyone in the world interested in administering a location-independent business online.

E-Residents can:

  • Establish an Estonian company online within a day
  • Administer the company from anywhere in the world
  • Conduct e-banking and remote money transfers
  • Have access to international payment service providers
  • Digitally sign and transmit documents and contracts
  • Manage accounting records and declare Estonian taxes online

Estonia is an EU member state and incorporating in the EU can help your business maximise
the benefits of the EU Single Market’s harmonized rules.

What are the Benefits?

Continuity of operations

Continuity of operations within the EU can be critical for clients, investors and other stakeholders.

Keep revenues, costs and financial reports in EUR

Keep revenues, costs and financial reports in EUR to mitigate the risk of GBP fluctuations.

Growth is incentivised

Growth is incentivised, Estonia has 0% corporate tax when profits are re- invested.

remain in the UK

Operations and staff can remain in the UK or move to Estonia on your timetable.

Low startup and maintenance costs

Low startup and maintenance costs;
e-Residency is easy to apply for, and establishing and running an Estonian company is quick and cost-effective. Spend time on what matters, not admin.

digital identification and signing

E-Residency provides access to digital identification and signing, which under the eIDAS regulation is legally equivalent to face-to-face identification and handwritten signatures in the European Union (subject to counterparty technology limitations until full interoperability in 2018).

How it Works

  1. Apply for e-Residency online and collect the smart ID card at the Estonian embassy in London.
  2. Contact a virtual office service provider to obtain a registered address in Estonia.
  3. Establish your company online using Estonia's company registration portal or the 1Office online platform.

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About us

Estonia is the most digitally advanced country in the world. Estonia provides a great location for trade and investment. Estonia ranks 1st among EU countries in the 2015 Index of Economic Freedom, #16 globally for Ease of Doing Business and #7 for English proficiency. The Estonian Government is the world leader in e-Government solutions and Estonia has more start-ups per capita than any other country in Europe. Early successes such as Skype created a vibrant ecosystem and inspired a new generation of Estonian startups such as TransferWise.

E-Residency is unique. Since 2014 it has enabled entrepreneurs to manage their businesses from anywhere in the world. Already over thousand companies are run by e-Residents. The underlying Estonian digital identity system has been used since 2000 to enable secure and trustworthy online identification. Digital signatures are legally equivalent to handwritten signatures in Estonia, accepted by many service providers globally and qualify as e-signature under eIDAS regulation.

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By becoming an e-resident, you keep your options open to physically move around at any later point, reducing the time pressure of making the hard decision. You can use Teleport to plan for those scenarios, for example compare life in London to physically moving to Tallinn (or other cities) here.

For help setting up a location independent company or corporate banking, accounting, taxes and compliance, contact LeapIN, 1Office or other virtual office service providers.

E-Residency does not confer any citizenship, domicile or right of entry to Estonia or to the European Union. E-Residency does not automatically establish tax residency. To learn about taxation and to avoid double taxation please consult a tax professional. Estonia has a double taxation avoidance agreement with the United Kingdom.

E-Residency does not confer automatic market access to the European Union. Additional approvals, contract modifications and corporate re-organisation may be required. Independent professional advice is recommended.

The e-Residency application process involves a background check.

Companies registered in Estonia are subject to the legislation of Estonia and the European Union. Estonian corporate accounts are reported in Euro’s.

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